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Cambodia , Friday 20 October 2017

News Cambodia » Preah Vihear: Efforts exerted to search for martyrs’ remains in Cambodia

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Publication date: Wednesday 18 October 2017

The work during the 2017-2018 dry season manifested the gratitude for the sacrifice of Vietnamese martyrs in Cambodia. In that dry season, which will last until the end of April, the search team will carry out their work in Rattanakiri, Preah Vihear and ...

News Cambodia » Preah Vihear: Lost and Found: Cambodia's Rediscovered Temple

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Publication date: uesday 17 October 2017

Higher still, the early morning sunshine toasted the vast sandstone blocks of a mountaintop temple that remains one of Cambodia's least-known yet most divine expressions of its imperious Angkor dynasty: Wat Preah Vihear, the temple that brought two nations ...

News Cambodia » Preah Vihear: 11 Reasons Why You Should Visit Cambodia Over Thailand

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Publication date: onday 09 October 2017

Head to the Cardamoms. Fancy a temple almost all to yourself? Then go to Preah Vihear. Longer-term travellers and backpackers will find it much easier to stop off in Cambodia for a lengthy stint, thanks to the ease of getting visas. As with Thailand ...

News Cambodia » Preah Vihear: Statues fortify Khmer culture in city

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Publication date: hursday 12 October 2017

The 12-foot-high statue of Prum Bayon represents a treasured temple in Cambodia. It is carved from a piece of sandstone taken from a sacred mountain in the country's Preah Vihear province, giving it a cultural and Buddhist symbol. A monument recognizing ...

News Cambodia » Preah Vihear: Busan Film Review: ‘Poppy Goes to Hollywood Redux’

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Publication date: Friday 13 October 2017

The most impressive member of Lena’s crew is Sasa, played wonderfully well by Poppy, Cambodia’s most famous transgender ... disguise and joins the dancers on a road trip to faraway Preah Vihear province. Now known as Poppy, Mony lands at a dilapidated ...

News Cambodia » Preah Vihear: Unexploded ordinances destroyed in Preah Vihear

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Publication date: uesday 10 October 2017

Villagers in Preah Vihear’s Choam Ksan district who found a haul of unexploded ... “They were found along the border between Laos, Thailand and Cambodia.” Sin Kosal, the CMAC official who received the haul, said the UXOs were artillery munitions.

News Cambodia » Preah Vihear: Cambodia’s Preah Vihear Temple: After the conflict

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Publication date: Sunday 14 September 2014

A Cambodian soldier keeps an eye on activity across the border in Thailand. Pic: Michelle Tolson. Pictures of ancient Preah Vihear Temple are heavenly. When talking about the temple, many Cambodians become just as mystical. Though not too many have made ...

News Cambodia » Preah Vihear: Preah Vihear temple in Cambodia now safe to visit

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Publication date: Friday 07 August 2015

A ninth century Angkorian temple on the boarder between Thailand and Cambodia is now considered safe to visit after being the subject of conflict between the two countries since 2008. Soldiers from the Cambodia army have been guarding the Preah Vihear ...

News Cambodia » Preah Vihear: Cambodia Cheers ICJ Ruling on Preah Vihear

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Publication date: uesday 12 November 2013

Cambodians celebrated a landmark victory over neighboring Thailand after the International Court of Justice (ICJ) ruled a promontory and most of the nearby land that surrounds the 11th century temples at Preah Vihear belonged to them. The ICJ, the world ...

News Cambodia » Preah Vihear: Who does the Preah Vihear temple belong to?

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Publication date: Friday 03 June 2011

When the Preah Vihear Temple was granted World Heritage status in 2008, Thailand's citizens were angered by Cambodia's claim to the ancient site [GALLO/GETTY] The magnificent ruins of this ancient Hindu temple, a World Heritage site since 2008, have become ...